Get to know me! This weeks post is going to be a little different. I thought now that we are about a month into the blogs and we have gained a few readers, it my be nice for all of you to get to know the face behind the words! My name is Taylor, I currently reside in Warsaw Indiana, but will be making the big move to Indianapolis in August. How exciting right? I have a passion for making those around me feel inspired, whether it be style, hair, makeup, or lifestyle tips. Ever sense I was little, I have enjoyed all aspects of people. Knowing how they work, their likes, their dislikes, and everything in between. When other kids were outside with their barbies, I was creating a fictional store, fashion show, newspaper, or something of that nature. Kind of an odd ball, but always wanting opportunity. I started working with Satori about two years ago. Usually working on the marketing\ stylist side of things. I also got to help work and plan some pretty fun events such as, fashion shows and trunk shows. (I might add to keep your eyes peeled on the blog for upcoming openings and events, we have a bunch of fun ones coming up!). I spend my days working in a coffee shop, and of course working for the super cute Satori boutique. My nights, I spend doing DIY projects, reading up on the latest trends, and spending time with my amazing close knit family ( also we must not forget my trusty animal companions!).   For requests, comments and concerns feel free to send those to the Satori Facebook page! -Stay Fabulous -Taylor


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