• B Moore

    let it go and B Moore   One of the special clothing lines we carry here at Satori is the BMoore line. All of the proceeds go directly to the BMoore foundation. From here the proceeds create scholarships for students at Warsaw District Schools.This scholarship fund was created in memory of Bailey R. Moore, a local Warsaw teenager who lost her battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). It is their hope that the memory of Bailey will help another realize their dream of going to college. To find out more please visit bmoore-foundation.com ! At Satori we carry many great tops and bottoms for women, children, and men from this amazing line. Come in and find something for you, your family, and friends! XOXO DSC_9704 DSC_9702 DSC_9710DSC_9719  
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  • Thank You!

    Thank you to all of our fabulous supporters! The Toledo fashion show was such a huge success and we here at the Satori store know it would not be possible without all you you! In this post we though we would show you some of our favorite moments and looks from the show! All of these looks are available online and in stores![gallery ids="2590,2592,2593,2591,2594"]
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  • EVENT WATCH: Toledo Yacht Club

    Hello Everybody! This weeks post is going to be another event coming up this weekend. Like I mentioned a couple posts ago Satori has been getting some major opportunities and this weekend is amazing! Toledo Yacht Club has invited us again to share our beautiful style peices with the wonderful women of Ohio! It is an honor to be welcomed back again after the success the event was last year and we are so excited to meet new clients. Moments like these we here at Satori like to thank our lucky stars, and everybody who helped us get to this amazing place. This is only one of the the fabulous events we have planned for the spring and summer seasons, so be on the watch for some fashion show information! -Have a fabulous week! Taylor.
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  • Dream Come True

    Hello ladies (and any gents), First let me apologize for being so late on this weeks post. Buzzing around getting ready for vacation and tons of upcoming events dealing with Satori! Which brings us to the main attraction to this weeks blog! Satori is currently experiencing a dream come true. It has been a long term goal since day one of opening the boutique, to open in another location. We have all seen our fair share of ups and downs. Most of that comes with the territory of owning a business, period. However, we never lost hope. We like to think of our hopes, dreams, and faith as a type of anchor. This anchor has been planted firm into the ground and does not budge. We are all so proud of the accomplishment of opening a new boutique. We can finally sink a new anchor into Oakwood Resort in Syracuse Indiana. Special thanks to our friends at J Three salon for making this incredible dream actually come true! Stay fabulous!
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  • Dare to Dream

    Everyone has some sort of goal everyday they wish to achieve, whether it be work, school, relationships or simply getting out of bed every morning. Success does not come when a dream is fulfilled it comes from when you have the courage to even dream in the first place. What is your dream let us know on Facebook!
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