• Pretty little things.

    Hello everyone! I have recently been loving spicing up outfits with pretty little things that show your personality. What better way to do this than with your hair! I have recently been loving fun clips, headbands, and bobby pins. However, I could never find any that I was super crazy about, so I started to make my own. The easiest way to do this is to take some bobby pins and some nail polish and paint your heart out. You can add designs or just leave a solid color. I feel this is an affordable way to spice up a spring wardrobe! Check out some of the images bellow and start painting! [gallery ids="2657,2658,2659"]
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  • Get to know me!

    Get to know me! This weeks post is going to be a little different. I thought now that we are about a month into the blogs and we have gained a few readers, it my be nice for all of you to get to know the face behind the words! My name is Taylor, I currently reside in Warsaw Indiana, but will be making the big move to Indianapolis in August. How exciting right? I have a passion for making those around me feel inspired, whether it be style, hair, makeup, or lifestyle tips. Ever sense I was little, I have enjoyed all aspects of people. Knowing how they work, their likes, their dislikes, and everything in between. When other kids were outside with their barbies, I was creating a fictional store, fashion show, newspaper, or something of that nature. Kind of an odd ball, but always wanting opportunity. I started working with Satori about two years ago. Usually working on the marketing\ stylist side of things. I also got to help work and plan some pretty fun events such as, fashion shows and trunk shows. (I might add to keep your eyes peeled on the blog for upcoming openings and events, we have a bunch of fun ones coming up!). I spend my days working in a coffee shop, and of course working for the super cute Satori boutique. My nights, I spend doing DIY projects, reading up on the latest trends, and spending time with my amazing close knit family ( also we must not forget my trusty animal companions!).   For requests, comments and concerns feel free to send those to the Satori Facebook page! -Stay Fabulous -Taylor
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  • Finding YOUR Own Personal Style

    image   It may just be a theory, but here at Satori we truly believe in the time old mantra, "Dress for Success". However what does that mean? Many people would say it means to dress well and good things will come. At Satori we define it as; dressing in a way that will give you the confidence you need to power through your day. Do not get me wrong I better than anyone know how good it feels after a long week to run errands in a hoodie and sweatpants, but most of the time I feel my best when I am wearing a fun outfit. So how do you build a closet that allows you to easily pick out outfits that make YOU feel good? It is much more simple than what it appears. Here are some simple and effective steps to finding your personal style and building a fabulous and unique closet. 1. Get inspired! What I mean by this is; start looking at things like Pinterest and magazines. Mark down the things you are drawn to and look for similar pieces in your own closet. 2. Do not underestimate the basics A good white t-shirt and a well made leather jacket may go overlooked but a lot of the time they are essential to a great outfit. You start with one basic such as a t-shirt and jeans then layer on fun accessories that show your personality. My favorite way to do this is with a bold color or fun prints. 3.  Have a signature Whether it be a necklace or a special perfume it is good to always wear something that makes you feel like you. My signature is bold lips. Anytime I am down I throw on some lipstick and it is an instant confidence booster. 4. Be yourself. Above all it is important to remember that being yourself is essential. Believe in yourself and let your confidence shine through! The best accessory a woman can wear is a smile.   Have a fabulous and confident week! -Taylor
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  • What it Means to Empower Yourself

    What is empowerment? The dictionary definition of empower is ; to pull confidence from something or from within yourself. Empowerment can be drawn from any where or anything. It can be drawn from a fabulous pair of shoes, a new sassy shade of red lipstick, or that great breakfast you had this morning. It can come at anytime. Our goal at Satori is to empower women to feel beautiful and face the world each day with a smile knowing that they are loved and special, so that those women can pass along that same confidence to their daughters and that their daughters will pass it along to their daughters. Empower yourself and Empower others. At Satori we draw that confidence, that strong sense of empowerment  from our fabulous customers who constantly inspire us to do more. You all are beautiful and loved, The Satori women.  
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