Around this time last year, the Satori girls  posted one of our very first blog posts featuring the Dang Lucky T-shirt. This year, in honor of St. Patricks day, and our previous post, we wanted to share a little bit of luck with all of you! Let me start by saying, that we all have days where we feel down in the dumps, but we feel that counting all of the things we feel lucky, and/or blessed, to have in our lives. It is so easy to simply  overlook the small things, but honestly those small things are what matter! Although, it is fun to partake is St. Patty's day shenanigans, it is equally as rewarding to reflect upon what made us feel lucky this year. It could be something as big as, a promotion at work, celebrating ANOTHER successful year of marriage, or as small as, a stranger letting you go ahead of them at the coffee shop. Take a look at all the things you may have looked over this year and you might just find you have had quite a bit of luck! Have a fabulous week!


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