• Be Kind

    Here at Satori, we believe in being kind to everyone including ourselves. One small kind act can change another's whole day around. Being genuine is something we should not forget to be. It is who we are on in the inside that counts the most. Our character speaks louder than our actions. Remember to step back, be patient and listen. Help those around you, go out of your way, your comfort zone, and take action. You never know what is happening behind the curtains and shields people hold up everyday. Also, don't forget to treat yourself right. You can't help someone else until you are helped. Let go of your worries and allow yourself to depend on the loved ones around you. Remember the golden rule? Treat others how you want to be treated. Respecting ourselves allows us to respect others. Being kind will never go out of style. #XOXO P.s. As being kind will never go out of style, neither will the fabulous clothing and accessories here at Satori. Remember to stop in today or shop online!  
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  • Women Need to Support Other Women.

    Hello! This weeks post is going to be addressing an issue in society. It happens everyday. Women tearing down other women. Here at Satori, we are all about empowerment and feeling beautiful in your own skin and supporting the successful women around you. Lately if its not on popular blogs, its instagram comments and all the sudden you find yourself making a negative comment about another womans success. Why is that? I propose it goes back to the good ol' years of middle school. Girls learn at a young age to compete, compete for the boy, who has the best hair, or the best grades. Unfortunatly what I have been observing is that, things have not really changed all that much. So, the issue is on the table, but how can we fix it?  By simply letting go of our insecurities. Embrace who YOU are and look at the things in your life that you can be proud of, and as I always say the little things add up. Pretty soon you realize that the joy you have in your life, you can spread to others. Once that joy is spread its a Domino effect. So, here is your challenge, Compliment the woman you have been most envious of and be happy for the joys they have in their life as well as your own. Stay Fabulous! Taylor
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  • What it Means to Empower Yourself

    What is empowerment? The dictionary definition of empower is ; to pull confidence from something or from within yourself. Empowerment can be drawn from any where or anything. It can be drawn from a fabulous pair of shoes, a new sassy shade of red lipstick, or that great breakfast you had this morning. It can come at anytime. Our goal at Satori is to empower women to feel beautiful and face the world each day with a smile knowing that they are loved and special, so that those women can pass along that same confidence to their daughters and that their daughters will pass it along to their daughters. Empower yourself and Empower others. At Satori we draw that confidence, that strong sense of empowerment  from our fabulous customers who constantly inspire us to do more. You all are beautiful and loved, The Satori women.  
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