• There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

    Hello lovely Satori shoppers, It has been quite some time since we have wrote you a little blog. With the sun shining bright and it being a beautiful day between all these rain showers and cloudy skies, Satori thought a little update was necessary. One reason we are happy is that spring is here! Some new great pieces were just put on display for you to step up your spring wardrobe. Some beautiful featured pieces include Kay Rose, Elan, Lysse, and more. These great clothing items are sure to make you happy. Come in to snatch these gorgeous tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. Aside from being happy with all the beautiful pieces here at Satori, what are you happy about? Remember there is happiness everywhere you are. Look for the small, unrecognized things in your life. There is beauty all around you, you just need to take your shades off and enjoy the sun! XOXO We carry this Elan boxy v hi-low top in tan. Lysse' Maxi DressPainted-Blossom-Romper-PHOTOIMG_0436  
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  • Thank You!

    Thank you to all of our fabulous supporters! The Toledo fashion show was such a huge success and we here at the Satori store know it would not be possible without all you you! In this post we though we would show you some of our favorite moments and looks from the show! All of these looks are available online and in stores![gallery ids="2590,2592,2593,2591,2594"]
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  • EVENT WATCH: Toledo Yacht Club

    Hello Everybody! This weeks post is going to be another event coming up this weekend. Like I mentioned a couple posts ago Satori has been getting some major opportunities and this weekend is amazing! Toledo Yacht Club has invited us again to share our beautiful style peices with the wonderful women of Ohio! It is an honor to be welcomed back again after the success the event was last year and we are so excited to meet new clients. Moments like these we here at Satori like to thank our lucky stars, and everybody who helped us get to this amazing place. This is only one of the the fabulous events we have planned for the spring and summer seasons, so be on the watch for some fashion show information! -Have a fabulous week! Taylor.
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  • Dream Come True

    Hello ladies (and any gents), First let me apologize for being so late on this weeks post. Buzzing around getting ready for vacation and tons of upcoming events dealing with Satori! Which brings us to the main attraction to this weeks blog! Satori is currently experiencing a dream come true. It has been a long term goal since day one of opening the boutique, to open in another location. We have all seen our fair share of ups and downs. Most of that comes with the territory of owning a business, period. However, we never lost hope. We like to think of our hopes, dreams, and faith as a type of anchor. This anchor has been planted firm into the ground and does not budge. We are all so proud of the accomplishment of opening a new boutique. We can finally sink a new anchor into Oakwood Resort in Syracuse Indiana. Special thanks to our friends at J Three salon for making this incredible dream actually come true! Stay fabulous!
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  • Get to know me!

    Get to know me! This weeks post is going to be a little different. I thought now that we are about a month into the blogs and we have gained a few readers, it my be nice for all of you to get to know the face behind the words! My name is Taylor, I currently reside in Warsaw Indiana, but will be making the big move to Indianapolis in August. How exciting right? I have a passion for making those around me feel inspired, whether it be style, hair, makeup, or lifestyle tips. Ever sense I was little, I have enjoyed all aspects of people. Knowing how they work, their likes, their dislikes, and everything in between. When other kids were outside with their barbies, I was creating a fictional store, fashion show, newspaper, or something of that nature. Kind of an odd ball, but always wanting opportunity. I started working with Satori about two years ago. Usually working on the marketing\ stylist side of things. I also got to help work and plan some pretty fun events such as, fashion shows and trunk shows. (I might add to keep your eyes peeled on the blog for upcoming openings and events, we have a bunch of fun ones coming up!). I spend my days working in a coffee shop, and of course working for the super cute Satori boutique. My nights, I spend doing DIY projects, reading up on the latest trends, and spending time with my amazing close knit family ( also we must not forget my trusty animal companions!).   For requests, comments and concerns feel free to send those to the Satori Facebook page! -Stay Fabulous -Taylor
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