We all feel it.  It is that feeling right around March where you can see spring over the horizon but the weather indicates anything but. Here in Indiana, where Satori is located,  we just had two magnificent days of 50 degree weather. Everyones spirits were lifted and excited about purchasing new spring items. This, however, was short lived. The Midwest was just hit with yet ANOTHER winter storm. I watched peoples disapointment spread all over social media, not to mention feeling my own disapointment. Then I remembered how  short life really is. Although, yes it is exhausting, and yes the lack of sunlight leads to a lack of a smile, there are still things you can do to make yourself feel amazing and get yourself through this last leg of winter! 1. Who says spring can't be indoors? Buy some flowers and put them in a room that you spend the most time in. Make sure they are bright. Colors like yellow, are proven to make a person feel happier. 2. Buy a spring token. Right around this time I will purchase something small and colorful that I think would work perfectly with the new spring trends. Whether it be something small, like the hottest new hue of lipstick for the upcoming season, or a fabulous new top that keeps you excited and moving forward. Check out the fun Satori spring pieces that will fit perfectly into any wardrobe. 3. Enjoy the taste of spring. I always start drinking my favorite spring drinks this time of year. This small spring treat keeps me excited and raises my spirits on the last of the cold winter days. -Stay Fabulous!


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